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The following is to assist you (particularly visitors for mid week tournaments) with parking options when visiting Birkenhead Bowling Club.

1. Club Parking:
  There are parking spaces outside the clubrooms, but numbers are limited. For mid-week tournament days we try to keep these free for visiting teams. (We can double park in here as well – cars will need to be shifted at the end of the day if required, for those leaving).
2. Birkenhead Primary School Car-park: (adjacent to bowling club on Mokoia Road).
  We have 9 car parks available for mid-week tournaments, and are identified by road cones. The school grounds keeper will assist with the parking here. Note – the whole school car park can be used during school holidays, weekends and public holidays if spaces are available.
3. Birkenhead Kindergarten: 97A Mokoia Road.
  The kindergarten car park can be used, but only during weekends and public holidays. Note: the kindergarten operates during school holidays
4. Mokoia Road:
  All day parking (free) is available on Mokoia Road on both sides of the street outside the bowling club. Parking is available from Huka road to Colonial Road on the southern side of Mokoia Road, and from the bowling club entrance to the Highbury bypass on the northern side of Mokoia Road.
5. 1st house on right hand side of Huka Road (opposite the bowling club):
  We have a few car parks here (made available by a club member). Please do not park across/in front of the garage.
6. Colonial Road (running down to Chelsea Estate):
  Free all day parking available on both sides of the road, other than the topmost portion on the left hand side.
7. *Highbury Bypass:
  Free all day parking available on northern side of the road, available where indicated. Check road signs.
8. *Mahara Avenue:
  Free all day parking available on both sides of the road available where indicated. Check road signs.

*Access to the club can then be gained by crossing Highbury bypass and taking the walkway through to Mokoia Road (past the kindergarten). Turn left to the bowling club. Or via the rear gate at the top of the drive to the green keepers shed.

And remember, car pooling saves petrol and car spaces!!!! do check parking signs once parked.

This information is a guide only, Birkenhead Bowling Club accepts no liability for illegally parked vehicles.