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Aerobowls Update

Much has been said about the consistency of Aero Bowls since their launch in 2012 and the curved arc of their trajectory without the “hook” common with most other bowls. This accuracy of manufacture is possible due to the use of computerised aero space technology utilising machinery used in the manufacture of parts for artificial hearts.
This advanced technology allows AeroBowls/ComfitPro to manufacture bowls suitable for many different types of greens found in different parts of the World.

For most New Zealand greens Aero Bowls recommend:
OPTIMA – a mid range bowl featuring our “Harbour Bridge” trajectory that is most suitable for medium to fast greens found in NZ.
DYNAMIC – a mid range bowl with a slightly tighter arc than the Optima more suited for fast to quick greens.

Recently we introduced two new bowls The Profile & Profile – R which are designed for bowlers with smaller hands or hands damaged by age or arthritis.
PROFILE – a bowl with a trajectory similar or slightly wider than the Optima.
PROFILE – R – has a tighter trajectory similar to the Dynamic.

Due to Aero Bowls technology every bowl of a type is guaranteed to be identical (the only bowls manufacturer able to do this). Aero Bowls are $660.00 a set and you may select the extra large logo (EL) at no extra cost. Looking for something different? Our new TRIFECTA multi colour range is available to order for $745.00 a set.

Avaiable here online or in store at Bowls Shop Birkenhead, Birkenhead Bowling Club 93 Mokia Road Birkenhead. Come and have a trial of any of our Aero Bowls; we have the wide range of sizes and colours with a good selection available for delivery ex stock.

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