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Results 2012/2013 Season

Available results:

World Championships - 2012/2013 Season


2012 World Championships Triples (Adelaide)

Bronze medal - Tony Grantham
(New Zealand - T.Grantham, M.Gallop, A.Forsyth)

2013 World Cup (Warilla, Australia)

Silver medal - Tony Grantham (New Zealand)

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New Zealand Championships - 2012/2013 Season


2012 National Womens Singles Championship

Runner-up - Reen Stratford

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Centre Championships - 2012/2013 Season

Bowls North Harbour Champion of Champion Singles

Winner - Tony Grantham

Bowls North Harbour Bowler of the Year

Winner - Tony Grantham

Bowls North Harbour Bar (10 centre titles)

Awarded to - Tony Grantham

Bowls North Harbour President's Cup

Winner - Dennis Matthews


Mixed Pairs

Winners - Merv Garred, Adele Ineson (Merv and Adele went on to win the Region 1 Mixed Pairs)
Runners-up - Tony Grantham, Leanne Chinery


Centre Singles

Winner - Ruth Lynch
Runner-up - Trish Croot

Centre Fours

Runners-up - Reen Statford, Denise Samuel, Leanne Chinery, Carolyn Tasker

Centre Champion of Champion Fours

Winners - Ruth Lynch (s) Gayle Melrose, Adele Ineson, Lisa Helmling


Centre Champion of Champion Fours

Runners-up - Roy Parker (s) Dennis Matthews, Steve Doolan, Peter Nathan

Centre Champion of Champion Singles

Winner - Tony Grantham


Combination Division One

Winner - Birkenhead

Mens Division Three

Winner - Birkenhead


Junior Interclub

Winner - Birkenhead

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Club Championships - 2012/2013 Season


Championship Singles

Winner - Gayle Melrose
Runner-up - Adele Ineson

Championship Pairs

Winners - Gayle Melrose (s), Ruth Lynch
Runners-up - Helen McBride (s), Christine Wafer

Championship Triples

Winners - Ruth Lynch (s), Carole Fredrick, Lisa Helmling
Runners-up - Margaret Scott (s), Chrissie Peers, Trish Croot

Championship Fours

Winners - RuthLynch (s), Gayle Melrose, Adele Ineson, Lisa Helmling
Runners-up - Denise Samuel (s), Leanne Chinery, Reen Stratford, Carolyn Tasker

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Championship Singles

Winner - Tony Grantham
Runner-up - Lionel Drew

Championship Pairs

Winners - Shane Gibson (s), Steve Yates
Runners-up - John Hindmarch (s), Mike Haggart

Championship Triples

Winners - Shane Gibson (s), Sandy Cleghorn, Steve Yates
Runners-up - Merv Garred (s), Roy Parker, Steve Doolan

Championship Fours

Winners - Jack Huriwai (s), Roy Parker, Steve Doolan, Peter Nathan
Runners-up - Tony Grantham (s), Danny O'Connor, Lance Tasker, Curtis Ennor

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Club Junior (1-5 year) Championships - 2012/2013 Season

Junior AC Championship Fours

Winners - Garry Banks (s), Peter Jones, Malcolm Hall, Adele Ineson
Runners-up - Ruth Hitchcock (s), Christine Wafer, Don Mackintosh, Jimmy Heath

Junior AC Championship Triples

Winners - Arthur Dewar (s), Daymon Pierson, Mike Hitchcock
Runners-up - Ruth Hitchcock (s), Mavis Smith, Trish Mahon

Junior AC Championship Pairs

Winners - Steve Yates (s), Garry Banks
Runners-up - Arthur Dewar (s), Daymon Pierson

Junior Women's Championship Singles

Winner - Adele Ineson
Runners-up - Tracey Jenner

Junior Men's Championship Singles

Winner - Peter Jones
Runners-up - Arthur Dewar

First Year Mixed Singles

Winner - Jimmy Heath
Runners-up - Christine Wafer

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Club Only Events - 2012/2013 Season

Leads & Twos

Winners - Dermot O'Connor (DOC) (s), Jimmy Heath
Runners-up - Alex Abela (s), Trish Mahon

Veteran Singles

Winner - Lionel Drew
Runner-up - Alex Abela

Darrington Singles

Winner - Bruce Cochrane
Runner-up - Garry Banks

Handicap Singles

Winner - Peter Jones
Runner-up - Jimmy Heath

Handicap Pairs

Not completed

Matthews Memorial Pairs

Winners - Keith Burgess (s), Garry Banks
Runners-up - John Pilkington (s), Alex Abela

Drawn Fours (previously known as Drawn Graded Fours)

Winners - Bruce Cochrane (s), Garry Cooley, John Croy, Jimmy Heath
Runners-up - Neil Pierce (s), Dermot O'Connor (DOC), Garry Banks, Helen McBride

Allan Meekings Memorial

Winners - Colin Bouzaid (s), Bub Pike, Helen McBride
Runners-up - Mal Wallace (s) Peter de Roo, Mike Hitchcock

Dave Harper Memorial

Winner - Phil Gibb
Runner-up - Jack Renwick

Most Improved Junior

Winner - Mavis Smith

Presidents Trophy

Winner - Emmie Swart

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Open Club Tournaments - 2012/2013 Season

Rod Mahon Memorial Cup (December, midweek OACT)

Winners - Neil McMaster, Eddy Edwards, Trevor Parker

Runsmart Pairs (Feb 8)

Division One
Winners - Nigel Drew, Martin Short
Runners-up - Shaun Bayne, Greg Newby
Third - Steve Smith, Ken Fitness

Division Two
Winners - Dennis Matthews, Ken Woollams
Runners-up - Glen Stratford, Paul Fullton

Division Three
Winners - Phil Bennett, Jake Leslie

Division Four
Winners - Peter Jones, Ken Moran

Open Mens Pairs (2 Day, Feb 9 & 10)

Champions Cup
Winners - Vladimir (Wally) Marsic (s), Tony Garelja
Runners-up - Dennis Matthews (s), Russell Hocking
Third equal - Tony Grantham (s), Justin Goodwin
Third equal - Merv Garred (s), Mark Rumble

Champions Cup A Flight
Winners - Nigel Drew (s), Martin Short
Runners-up - Shane Gibson (s), Jodan King

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners - Danny O'Connor (s), Lance Tasker
Runners-up - Grant Goodwin (s), Steve Cox

Winners - Randall Watkins (s), John O'Shea
Runners-up - Kevin Williams (s), Michael Savage

Consolation Flight
Winners - Neil Fisher (s), Bryan Chapman
Runners-up - Leon Wech (s), Paul Freeth

Open Womens Pairs (2 Day, Mar 17 & 18)

Winners - Jenny Jones (s), Fay Yates
Runners-up - Estelle Hickey (s), Linda Ralph
Third equal - Salote Kishore (s), Barbra Butler
Third equal - Trish Croot (s), Carolyn Tasker

Cup A Flight
Winners - Lin East (s), Judi Moyle
Runners-up - Denise Samuel (s), Chrissie Peers

Cup B Flight
Winners - Anne Muir (s), Patricia Murray
Runners-up - Margaret Scott (s), Betty Willetts

Winners - Pam Salvador (s), Jean Poland
Runners-up - Reen Stratford (s), Elaine McClintock

Consolation Flight
Winners - Marilyn Constantine (s), Judy Johnston
Runners-up - Eileen Anderson (s), Marlene Foster

Seafood Tournament OMF

Winners - Ian Pike (s), Bruce McClintock. Brian Wilson, Bernie Yeo
Second - Merv Garred (s), Peter Nathan, Gary Stevens, Bruce Cochrane
Third - David Hood (s), Jamie Browning, Kevin Williams, Michael Savage
Fourth - Bruce Shand (s), Alan Mytton, Neil McMaster, John Clark

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