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Results 2013/2014 Season

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New Zealand Championships - 2013/2014 Season


2014 New Zealand National Men's Pairs Championship

Winners - Tony Grantham (s) (Birkenhead) & Mike Nagy (Taren Point)

2014 New Zealand National Men's Fours Championship

Winners - Mike Kernaghan (s) (Kaikorai), Andrew Kelly (Redcliffs), Tony Grantham (Birkenhead), Mike Nagy (Taren Point)

2014 New Zealand Nationals Men's Consistency Award

Winner - Tony Grantham (Birkenhead)

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Centre Championships/Events - 2013/2014 Season

Bowls North Harbour Centre Men's Singles

Winner - Peter Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Triples

Runners-up - Adele Ineson, Trish Croot, Lisa Helmling (s)

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Pairs

Runners-up - Sian Jones, Lisa Helmling (s)

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre 1-5 Year Singles

Winner - Ruth Hitchcock

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Singles

Runner-up - Reen Stratford

Bowls North Harbour Mixed 2-4-2 Pairs

Winners - Reen Stratford (Birkenhead), Neil Fisher (Browns Bay)

Bowls North Harbour Men's Don Gillespie Winter Cup

Winners - Joseph Korkis, Bruce Coachrane, Pater Nathan, Dennis Matthews (s)

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Club Championships - 2013/2014 Season


Championship Singles

Winner - Reen Stratford
Runner-up - Gayle Melrose

Championship Pairs

Winners - Leanne Chinery, Reen Stratford (s)
Runners-up - Adele Ineson, Gayle Melrose (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Lisa Helmling, Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up - Carolyn Tasker, Leanne Chinery, Stratford (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Lisa Helmling, Gayle Melrose, Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up - Sain Jones, Adele Ineson, Tracy Jenner, Denise Samuel (s)

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Championship Singles

Winner - Jack Huriwai
Runner-up - Bruce Cochrane

Championship Pairs

Winners - Mark Rumble, Peter Nathan (s)
Runners-up - Steve Yates, Shane Gibson (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Mark Rumble, Peter Nathan, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up - Ra Te Amo, Evan Thomas, John Janssen (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Mark Rumble, Martin Short, Peter Nathan, John hindmarch (s)
Runners-up - Mitch cameron, Curtis ennor, Lance Tasker, Danny O'Connor

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Club Junior (1-5 year) Championships - 2013/2014 Season

Junior AC Championship Fours

Winners - Jemore Rusk, Mitch cameron, Jimmy Heath, Daymon Pierson (s)
Runners-up - Peter Svendsen, Helen McBride, Mavis Smith, Ruth Hickcock (s)

Junior AC Championship Triples

Winners - Mitch Cameron, Jimmy Heath, Daymon Pierson (s)
Runners-up - Jerome Rusk, Peter Svenden, Peter Jones (s)

Junior AC Championship Pairs

Winners - Alan Little, Jimmy Heath (s)
Runners-up - Christine Wafer, Ruth Hitchcock (s)

Junior Women's Championship Singles

Winner - Ruth Hitchcock
Runners-up - Sain Jones

Junior Men's Championship Singles

Winner - Jerome Rusk
Runners-up - Jimmy Heath

First Year Mixed Singles

Winner - Matt Berry
Runners-up - Jerome Rusk

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Club Only Events - 2013/2014 Season

Leads & Twos

Winners - Tracey Jenner, Rose Wilson (s)
Runners-up - Matt Berry, Adele Ineson (s)

Veteran Singles

Winner - John Lindridge
Runner-up - Alex Abela

Darrington Singles

Winner - (not played)
Runner-up -

Handicap Singles

Winner - John Croy
Runners-up - Steve Yates

Handicap Pairs

Winners - Jimmy Heath, Daymon Pierson (s)
Runners-up - Keith Burguess, Shane Gibson (s)

Matthews Memorial Pairs

Winners - Helen McBride, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up - John Lindridge, Bruce Cochrane (s)

Drawn Fours (previously known as Drawn Graded Fours)

Winners - Tommy Winton, Malcalom Hall, Alex Abela (s)
Runners-up - Jimmiy Dunn, Chirs Jackson (s)

Allan Meekings Memorial

Winners - (not played)
Runners-up -

Dave Harper Memorial

Winner - Ken Orr
Runner-up - Alex abela

Most Improved Junior

Winner - Ruth Hitchcock

Presidents Trophy

Winner - Kevin Croasdale

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Open Club Tournaments - 2013/2014 Season

Rod Mahon Memorial Cup (December, midweek OACT)

Winners - Gary French, Caith Mitchell, Don Rae (s) (Sunnybrae)

New Year Classic OXF (2 Day)

Chilcott Cup
Winners - Jimmy Heath, Colleen Sexton, Keith Burgess, Dennis Matthews (s)
Runners-up - Connie Mathieson, Murray Mathieson, John Janssen, Evan Thomas (s)
Third - Paul Hickey, Estelle Hickey, Scott Mouton, Neil Fisher (s)

Winners - Chirsie Peers, K.Piper, John Mitchell, Barry Aspin (s)
Runners-up - l.Bristol, Alison Rennie, Marty Martingo, Chris Taylor (s)
Third - Brian Wilson, Paulette Myton, Alan Myton, Ian Pike (s)

Open Mens Pairs (2 Day)

Champions Cup
Winners - Jordan King, Danny Delany (s)
Runners-up - Jamie Hill, Neville Hill (s)
Third equal - Terry O'Conner, Peter Sain (s)
Third equal - Mike Bradshaw, Nick Botica (s)

Champions Cup A Flight
Winners - Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)
Runners-up - Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Champions Cup B Flight
Winners - Graham King, Ken Fitness (s)
Runners-up - Mario Arnerich, Nick Krajancic (s)

Winners - Lance Tasker, Danny O'Connor (s)
Runners-up - Neil Connell, John Dunn (s)

Consolation Flight
Winners - Tony Garalja, Wally Masic (s)
Runners-up - Brian Allison, David Hood (s)

Open Womens Pairs (2 Day)

Cup Championship:
1st Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock (s)
2nd L Watson, Denise Samuel (s)
3rd Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
4th Diane Millbank, Carol Barnes (s)
5th Hillary Ross, Jan Gledhill (s)
6th Mere Nepia, Gayle Melrose (s)

1st Sian Jones, Trish Croot
2nd Catherine Dye, Anne Mahon
3rd Gaylene Harvey, Deb White
4th Colleen Sexton, Mary Gulbrandsen
5th Pat Murray, Ann Muir
6th Phil Russell, Rosary Sellick (s)

Monster 5th Year Celebration Draw winners: Anne Doreen, Lisa Parlane

Seafood Tournament OMF (2 Day)

Winners -
Second -
Third -
Fourth -

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