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Results 2015/2016 Season

Available results:


Bowls New Zealand - 2015/2016 Season

National Mixed Pairs

Winner - Daymon Pierson (Birkenhead) and Christeen Dalzell (Browns Bay)

Bowls New Zealand Awards - 2015

Administrator of the Year

Dennis Matthews (Bowls North Harbour/Birkenhead)

Centre Championships/Events/Awards - 2015/2016 Season

Bowls North Harbour Mixed 242 Pairs

Winner - Daymon Pierson (Birkenhead) and Christeen Dalzell (Browns Bay)

Bowls North Harbour Dick Bree Memorial Triples

Winner - Jimmy Heath, Daymon Pierson, Jack Huriwai (s)

Bowls North Harbour Pennants Women's Division 1

Winner - Birkenhead

Bowls North Harbour Pennants Men's Division 2

Winner - Birkenhead

Bowls North Harbour Women's Premier Interclub Division 1

Winner - Birkenhead

Bowls North Harbour Womens 1-5 Year Pairs

Winner - Barbara Staal, Christine Wafer (s)

Bowls North Harbour Men's 1-5 Year Singles

Runner up - Jerome Rusk

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Triples

Runner up - Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith, Colleen Sexton (s)

Bowls North Harbour Men's Champion of Champion Singles

Runner up - Peter Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Women's Champion of Champion Singles

Runner up - Trish Croot

Club Championships - 2015/2016 Season


Championship Singles

Winner - Trish Croot
Runner-up - Adele Ineson

Championship Pairs

Winners - Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up - Connie Mathieson, Colleen Sexton (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Connie Mathieson, Trish Croot, Sheryl Johnson (s)
Runners-up - Lisa Helmling, Carole Fredrick, Ruth Lynch (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Adele Ineson, Elaine McGregor, Mavis Smith, Colleen Sexton (s)
Runners-up - Connie Mathieson, Lisa Helmling, Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)

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Championship Singles

Winner - Peter Nathan
Runner-up - Greg Utting

Championship Pairs

Winners - Evan Thomas, Doug Parlane (s)
Runners-up - Lionel Drew, Nigel Drew (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Daymon Pierson, Jack Huriwai, Ross Haresnape (s)
Runners-up - Mark Rumble, Peter Nathan, Nigel Drew (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Daymon Pierson, Garry Moverley, Evan Thomas, Doug Parlane (s)
Runners-up - Ross Haresnape, Jeremy Belcher, Schalk Mouton, Tony Grantham (s)

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Club 1-5 year Championships - 2015/2016 Season

1-5 Year AC Championship Fours

Winners – Jacqui Belcher, Lauranne Croot, Jerry Belcher, Jimmy Heath (s)
Runners-up – Barbara Staal, Ngaire English, Bob Murphy, Peter Svendsen (s)

1-5 Year AC Championship Triples

Winners -
Runners-up -

1-5 Year AC Championship Pairs

Winners - Jerome Rusk, Jimmy Heath (s)
Runners-up - Barbara Staal, Gerry Sapucci

1-5 Year Women's Championship Singles

Winner - Barbara Staal
Runners-up - Emma Poll

1-5 Year Men's Championship Singles

Winner - Jimmy Heath
Runner-up - Jerry Belcher

First Year Mixed Singles

Winner - Jerry Belcher
Runner-up - Robbie Henson

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Club Only Events - 2015/2016 Season

Darrington Lanigan Singles

Winner - Keith Burgess
Runner-up - Jonh Lindrige

Handicap Singles

Winner - Allan Stewart
Runners-up - John Pilkington

Handicap Pairs

Winner - Kevin George, Lionel Drew (s)
Runners-up - Trish Mahon, Mal Wallace (s)

Matthews Memorial Pairs

Winners - Christine Wafer, Kevin Croasdale
Runners-up - Geoff Darby, Evan Thomas

Allan Meekings Memorial

Winners -
Runners-up -

Dave Harper Memorial

Winner -

Most Improved Junior

Winner - Barbara Staal

Presidents Trophy

Winner - John Lindrige

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Open Club Tournaments - 2015/2016 Season

Rod Mahon Memorial Trophy (December, midweek OACT)

Winners - Rory Soden, Kerry Chapman, Tony Grantham (s)

New Year Classic OXF (2 Day)

Not played/cancelled due to inclement weather.

Open Mens Pairs (2 Day)

Champions Cup:
Winners: Kerry Chapman, Dwayne Cameron (s)
Runner-up: Steve Cox, Grant Goodwin (s)
Third equal: Brian Wilson, Brad Reichert (s)
Third equal: Peter Thorne, Danny O’Connor (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner: Dusty Reader, Steve Smith (s)
Runners-up: Justin Goodwin, Tony Grantham (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners: Mike Haggart, Stuart MacKechnie (s)
Runners-up: Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Winners: Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up: Jesse Russell, Allan Stewart (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners: Mike Bradshaw, Ken Fitness (s)
Runners-up: Doug Campbell, Bruce Baker (s)

Open Women's Pairs (2 Day)

Cup Championship:
Winners – Estelle Hickey, Lynda Ralph (s)
Runners-up – Joy Hall, Jenny Stockford(s)
Third equal – Ruth Hitchcock, Claire Tawharu (s)
Third equal - Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock(s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Carl Bennett, Doreen Jensen (s)
Runners-up – Paris Baker, Denise Samuel (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Rebecca Jelly, Anne Bateman (s)
Runners-up – Karen Horcroft, Maree Attwood (s)

Winners – Trish Croot, Lisa Helmling (s)
Runners-up – Maria Smith, Agnes Muto (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners – Rae Hammond, Emma Waerehu (s)
Runners-up - Jo McKeena, Fay Yates (s)

Seafood Tournament OMF (2 Day)

Winners - Doug George Team
Second - Tony Balogh Team
Third - Bruce McClintock Team
Fourth - Tony Granham Team

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