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Results 2018/2019 Season

Available results:


114th Taranaki Men's Open Fours

Third equal - Mark Rumble, Lionel Drew, Randall Watkins, Nigel Drew (s)

Centre Championships/Events/Awards - 2018/2019 Season

Bowls North Harbour Young Bowler of the Year

Milika Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Administrator of the Year

Terry Moverley

Bowls North Harbour Mixed 2-4-2

Winners: Peter Nathan, Milika Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Cadness Cup Men's

Winners: Birkenhead - Gary Wallace, Evan Thomas, Joseph Korkis, Mick Moodie (s)
Due to Evan Thomas being unavailabie on the Finals Day Sandy Cleghorn replaced him.

Bowls North Harbour Women's Winter Cup

Winners: Birkenhead - Adele Ineson, Jacqui Belcher, Mavis Smit, Ruth Lynch (s)

Club Championships & Awards - 2018/2019 Season



Championship Singles

Winner - Katrina Holland
Runner-up - Milika Nathan

Championship Pairs

Winners - Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith (s)
Runners-up - Judi Farkash, Milika Nathan (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Katrina Holland, Carole Fredrick, Ruth Lynch (s)
Runners-up - Adele Ineson, Lauranne Croot, Milika Nathan (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Judi Farkash, Milika Nathan, Lauranne Croot, Mavis Smith (s)
Runners-up - Adele Ineson, Barbara Staal, Carole Fredrick, Ruth Lynch (s)

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Championship Singles

Winner - Mark Rumble
Runner-up - Gary Wallace

Championship Pairs

Winners - Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up - Doug Parlane, Mick Moodie (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Shaun Bayne, Mike Haggart, John Hindmarch (s)
Runners-up - Curtis Ennor, Robbie Church, Garry Cooley (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Mark Rumble, Lindsay Gilmour, Randall Watkins, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up - Jimmy Heath, Robbie Henson, Daymon Pierson, Jack Huriwai (s)

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Club 1-5 year Championships - 2018/2019 Season

1-5 Year Women's Championship Singles

Winner - Milika Nathan
Runners-up - Judi Farkash

1-5 Year Men's Championship Singles

Winner - Gary Wallace
Runners-up - Ray Tomes

First Year Mixed Singles

Winner - Warren Lush
Runner-up - Sean Munro

1-5 Year AC Championship Pairs

Winners - Gary Wallace, Robbie Henson (s)
Runners-up: Lauranne Croot, Milika Nathan (s)

1-5 Year AC Championship Triples

Winners - Warren Lush, Adam Richardson, Milika Nathan (s)
Runners-up - Adam Croy, Ray Tomes, Gary Wallace (s)

1-5 Year AC Championship Fours

Winners - Vaughan Henderson, Chad Nathan, Ngaire English, Milika Nathan (s)
Runners-up - Warren Lush, John Stevens, Lauranne Croot, Ray Tomes (s)

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Club Only Events - 2018/2019 Season

Darrington Lanigan Singles

Not played

Handicap Singles

Winner - Milika Nathan
Runner-up - Adam Richardson

Handicap Pairs

Winner - Lindsay Gilmore, Randall Watkins (s)
Runners-up - Adam Richardson, Stacy Munro (s)

Matthews Memorial Pairs

Winners - Peter Svendsen, Barry Reyland (s)
Runners-up - Arthur Dewar, Win Cochrane (s)

Allan Meekings Memorial

Winners - Warren Lush, Tommy Winton, Jimmy Heath (s)
Runners-up - Dennis McSweeny, Judi Farkash, Evan Thomas (s)

Leads and Twos

Winner - Adam Richardson, Gary Wallace (s)
Runners-up - Vaughan Henderson, Stacy Munro (s)

Dave Harper Memorial

Winner - Win Cochrane

Most Improved Junior

Winner - Milika Nathan

Presidents Trophy

Winner - Barry Reyland

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Open Club Tournaments - 2018/2019 Season

Rod Mahon Memorial Trophy (December, midweek OACT)

Winners - Connie Mathieson, Ray Arvidson, Norm Scott-Morrison (s)

$5,500 Men's Pairs (2 Day)

Champions Cup:
Winners: David Akaruru, Mark Hall (s)
Runners-up: Martin Dixon, Mike Galloway (s)
Third equal: Lionel Drew, Evan Tomas (s)
Third equal: Adam Haywood, Scott Cottrell (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner: Murray Vallance, Colin Rogan (s)
Runners-up: Bryan Chapman, Neil Fisher (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners: Barry Rajendram, Chris Lourie (s)
Runners-up: James Gavin, Gavin Brown (s)

Winners: Mike Bradshaw, Neville Hill (s)
Runners-up: John Gray, Steve Beel (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners: Brain David Ross, Duane McDonald (s)
Runners-up: Mark Rumble, Nigel Drewl (s)

Colosseum Challenge:
Winners: Ken Fitness, Dennis Brewster (s)
Runners-up: Bart Robertson, Gary Breckon (s)

$6,500 Women's Pairs (2 Day)

Cup Championship:
Winners – Trish Croot, Lisa White (s)
Runners-up – Jenny Stockford, Angela Temple (s)
Third equal – Ann Muir, Sue Wightman (s)
Third equal – Leeane Poulson, Marilyn Emerton (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Milika Nathan, Karen Hema (s)
Runners-up – Paulette Mytton, Wendy Jensen (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Anne Dorreen (s), Lisa Parlane (s)
Runners-up – Christine Buchanan, Debbie White (s)

Winners –Donna Jackison, Karen Forrest (s)
Runners-up – Sue Curran, Hetty Bolscher (s)
Third equal – Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith (s)
Third equal– Ruth Hitchcock, Deidre Moxsom (s)

Last Chance Challenge:
Winners – Chris Pegg, Jenny Jones (s)
Runners-up – Theresa Rogers, Sheryl Wellington (s)

Seafood Tournament OACF (2 Day)

Winners: Randall Watkins team - Composite
Second:  Ken McCleod team - Composite
Third: Richard Talbot team - Browns Bay
Fourth: Dave Gwilliam team - Glen Eden

Easter Triples Tournament OACT (2 Day)

Winners: Bruce Cochrane, Mick Moodie, Evan Thomas (s)
Second: Chad Nathan, Peter Nathan, Milika Nathan (s)
Third: Mark Rumble, Lindsay Gilmour, Trish Croot (s)
Fourth: Collen Rice, David Payne (Friday), Murray Radojkovich (Saturday), Ruth Lynch (s)

Consolation Saturday Morning: Ken Moran, Mike Haggart, John Hindmarch (s)
Consolation Saturday Afternoon: Jamie Chen, Barclay Lee, Catherine Bien (s)

Easter Draw: Joseph Korkis, Keith Burgess, Shona Chambers (s)


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