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Sandy's Seafood Tournament (Open Any Combination Fours)

Our annual two day Seafood Tournament.

Two days of Open Any Combination Fours competition, seafood morning tea and seafood lunch provided each day, over $3,000 in seafood prizes........
For the food alone this is a bowling tournament not to be missed.........

Saturday ? & Sunday ? April 2024

Limited to 32 teams...........

Email Seafood Tournament Organiser

***** Results 2023 ****

Winners: K Clarke, R Howe, M Preedy, C Barnett (Helensville)
Second: C Taylor, M Mathieson, N Scott-Morrison, J Calcott (Takapuna)
Third: D Pierson, M Higginson, J Heath, I Hardy (Composite)
Fourth: J Hindmarch, S Cox, T Croot, M Rumble (Composite)

***** Results 2022 ****

Winners: S.Mulholand, S.Yates, R.Watkins, T.Grantham (s)
Second: S.Wilson, A.Wilson, S.Doolan, R.Paker (s)
Third: B.Reyland, C.Rice, K.Burgess, L.Drew (s)
Fourth: M.Rumble, D.McDonald, M.Short, J.Hindmarch (s)

***** Results 2021 ****

Winners: Chris Taylor team
Second: Ruth Lynch team
Third: Peter Sheen team
Fourth: Murray Vallance team
Fifth: Gerard van Tilborg team
Sixth: Jeffery Eskridge teamWinners:

***** Results 2020 ****

Not played due to Covid-19 Lockdown

***** Results 2019 ****

Winners: Randall Watkins team - Composite
Second:  Ken McCleod team - Composite
Third: Richard.Talbot team - Browns Bay
Fourth: Dave Gwilliam team - Glen Eden

***** Results 2018 ****

Winners - Gary Stevens, Alex Abela (day 1), Evan Thomas (day 2), Keith Burgess, Shane Gibson (s)
Second - Roy Parker, Tug Wilson, Sandy Cleghorn, Gary Wallace (s)
Third - Chad Nathan, Peter Nathan, Randall Watkins, Nigel Drew (s)
Fourth - Bruce Cochrane, Adel Ineson, Mavis Smith, Ruth Lynch (s)

***** Results 2017 ****

Winners - Bruce Baker’s team - Glenfield
Second - Evan Thomas’s team - Takapuna
Third - Tony Grantham’s team - Birkenhead
Fourth - David Eades’s team - Orewa

***** Results 2016 ****

Winners  - Doug George team - Riverhead
Second - Bruce McClintock team - Browns Bay
Third   - Tony Balough team - Glen Eden
Fourth   -  Tony Grantham Team - Birkenhead

***** Results 2015 ****

Winners - C.Taylor's team - Takapuna
Second - K. Dixion's team - Onehunga
Third - R.Murdoch's team - Orewa

***** Results 2014 ****

Winners -
Second -
Third -
Fourth -

***** Results 2013 ****

Winners - Ian Pike (s), Bruce McClintock. Brian Wilson, Bernie Yeo
Second - Merv Garred (s), Peter Nathan, Gary Stevens, Bruce Cochrane
Third - David Hood (s), Jamie Browning, Kevin Williams, Michael Savage
Fourth - Bruce Shand (s), Alan Mytton, Neil McMaster, John Clark


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