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$6,500 The Good Home Birkenhead Women's Pairs Tournament

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 February 2024

In June 2009 under the Presidency of Rod Mahon the men of Birkenhead voted to allow women full membership of the club. Emmie Swart and Leanne Chinery set out to put Birkenhead on the map of women's bowls and announce that the women had arrived at Birkenhead. Thus the Women's Open Pairs Tournament with its big money and high class was born. The initial tournament, organised in a short period of time, with prize money of $4,300, was an overwhelming success. In 2013 and in its fourth year with "Slipp Inn" sponsoring for the third consecutive year and prize money was $6,500. 2014 the tournament reached its fifth year and to celebrate the prize money was raised to $7,000.
2024 we are again grateful for the continued support from "The Good Home Birkenhead".
This tournament is firmly entrenched in the Birkenhead playing programme.

The 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 tournaments were endorsed by Bowls New Zealand as part of the Summer of Bowls.

If you would like to indicate you wish to enter a team please phone/text 0275 297297

Limited to 32 teams...........

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***** 2023 Results *****

Awarded on results of Day 1, Day 2 play abandoned (Cyclone Gabrielle)

Cup Championship:
Winners: Lauren Mills, Lisa Dickson (s)
Second: Ann Muir, Sue Wightman (s)
Third: Trish Hardy, Debbie White (s)
Fourth: Karen Vaissiere, Penny Wakelin (s)
Fifth: Mary Campbell, Gayle Melrose (s)
Sixth: Connie Mathieson, Milika Nathan (s)
Seventh: Mina Paul, Marilyn Constantine (s)
Eighth: Kelly Clark, Didge Cullen (s)

First: Lyn Calver, Keiko Kurohara (s)
Second: Judi Farkash, Claire Tawharu (s)
Third: Lauranne Croot, Jacqui Belcher (s)
Fourth: Theresa Rogers, Sheryl Wellington (s)

***** 2022 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Trish Hardy. Wendy Jenson (s)
Runners-up – Judy Smith, Lisa Dickson (s)
Third equal – Jenny Stockford, Jo McKenna
Third equal – Dawn Owens, Diane Strawbridge (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Christine Buchanan, Margaret O’Connor (s)
Runners-up – Colleen Rice, Gaye Horne (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Keiko Kurohara, Skye Renes (s)
Runners-up – Ling Qu, Catherine Bien (s)

Winners – Linley O’Callaghan, Lynda Milne (s)
Runners-up – Connie Mathieson, Jacqui Belcher (s)

***** 2021 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Linley O’Callaghan, Lynda Milne (s)
Runners-up – Trish Croot, Ruth Lynch (s)
Third equal – Jenny Stockford, Angela Temple (s)
Third equal – Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Jamie Chen, Wendy Jensen (s)
Runners-up – Catherine Bein, Anne Muir (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Paris Baker, Olivia Bloomfield (s)
Runners-up – Leeane Poulson, Bronwyn Stevens (s)

Winners – Anne Dorreen, Lisa Parlane (s)
Runners-up – Paula Kampthorne, Sue Curran (s)

Last Chance Challenge:
Winners – Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith (s)
Runners-up – Connie Mathieson, Jacqui Belcher (s)

***** 2020 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Anne Muir, Sue Wightman (s)
Runners-up – Colleen Rice, Karen Murphy (s)
Third equal – Jan Gledhill, Colleen Sexton (s)
Third equal – Trish Croot, Lisa White (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Paula Kempthorne, Sue Curran (s)
Runners-up – Ling Qu, Catherine Bien (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Agnus Motu, Jenny Jones (s)
Runners-up – Donna Jackison, Karen Forest (s)

Winners – Karen Scott, Maree Attwood (s)
Runners-up – Milika Nathan, Ruth Lynch (s)
Third equal – Rosary Sellick, Jenny Te Nana (s)
Third equal– Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners: Helen Blick, Alison Rennie (s)
Runners: Cathy Richards, Michelle Matheson (s)

Last Chance Challenge:
Winners – Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith (s)
Runners-up – Wendy Jensen, Lisa Parlane (s)

***** 2019 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Trish Croot, Lisa White (s)
Runners-up – Jenny Stockford, Angela Temple (s)
Third equal – Ann Muir, Sue Wightman (s)
Third equal – Leeane Poulson, Marilyn Emerton (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Milika Nathan, Karen Hema (s)
Runners-up – Paulette Mytton, Wendy Jensen (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Anne Dorreen (s), Lisa Parlane (s)
Runners-up – Christine Buchanan, Debbie White (s)

Winners –Donna Jackison, Karen Forrest (s)
Runners-up – Sue Curran, Hetty Bolscher (s)
Third equal – Adele Ineson, Mavis Smith (s)
Third equal– Ruth Hitchcock, Deidre Moxsom (s)

Last Chance Challenge:
Winners – Chris Pegg, Jenny Jones (s)
Runners-up – Theresa Rogers, Sheryl Wellington (s)

***** 2018 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Natasha Grimshaw, Gaylene Harvey (s)
Runners-up – Sue Wightman, Ann Muir (s)
Third equal – Kerrin Roberts, Elaine McClintock (s)
Third equal – Jan Gledhill, Colleen Sexton (s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up – Colleen Rice, Jacqui Belcher (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Hillary Ross, Judith Seager (s)
Runners-up – Joy Hall, Liz Teiti (s)

Winners – Sue Martin, Loretta Leach (s)
Runners-up – Phil Russell, Rosary Sellick (s)

Redemption Challenge:
Winners – Kelly Clark, Deb Presland (s)
Runners-up – Lavinia Ruka, Doreen Jensen (s)

***** 2017 Results *****

Abandoned due to the weather

***** 2016 Results *****

Cup Championship:
Winners – Estelle Hickey, Lynda Ralph (s)
Runners-up – Joy Hall, Jenny Stockford(s)
Third equal – Ruth Hitchcock, Claire Tawharu (s)
Third equal - Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock(s)

Cup A Flight:
Winners – Carl Bennett, Doreen Jensen (s)
Runners-up – Paris Baker, Denise Samuel (s)

Cup B Flight:
Winners – Rebecca Jelly, Anne Bateman (s)
Runners-up – Karen Horcroft, Maree Attwood (s)

Winners – Trish Croot, Lisa Helmling (s)
Runners-up – Maria Smith, Agnes Muto (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners – Rae Hammond, Emma Waerehu (s)
Runners-up - Jo McKeena, Fay Yates (s)

***** 2015 Results *****

Cup Championship
Winners – Anne Dorreen, Lisa Parlane (s)
Runners-up – Betty Mitchell, Denise Samuel (s)
Third equal – Joy Hall, Sheryl Johnson (s)
Third equal - Connie Mathieson, Collen Sexton

Cup A Flight
Winners – Leanne Stewart, Anne Muir (s)
Runners-up – Emma Waerehu, Ray Hammond (s)

Cup B Flight
Winners – Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
Runners-up – Judy Johnston, Marilyn Constantine (s)

Winners – Trish Croot, Lisa Helmling (s)
Runners-up – Jan Jones, Noelene Culpan (s)

Consolation Flight
Winners – Christeen Dalzell, Val Botica (s)
Runners-up - Barbara Staal, Rose Wilson (s)

***** 2014 Results *****

Cup Championship:
1st - Kerin Roberts, Elaine McClintock (s)
2nd - L.Watson, Denise Samuel (s)
3rd - Ruth Lynch, Carole Fredrick (s)
4th - Diane Millbank, Carol Barnes (s)
5th - Hillary Ross, Jan Gledhill (s)
6th - Mere Nepia, Gayle Melrose (s)

1st - Sian Jones, Trish Croot
2nd - Catherine Dye, Anne Mahon
3rd - Gaylene Harvey, Deb White
4th - Colleen Sexton, Mary Gulbrandsen
5th - Pat Murray, Ann Muir
6th- Phil Russell, Rosary Sellick (s)

Monster 5th Year Celebration Draw winners: Anne Doreen, Lisa Parlane 

***** 2013 Results *****

Cup Championship
Winners - Jenny Jones (s), Fay Yates
Runners-up - Estelle Hickey (s), Linda Ralph
Third equal - Salote Kishore (s), Barbra Butler
Third equal - Trish Croot (s), Carolyn Tasker

Cup A Flight
Winners - Lin East (s), Judi Moyle
Runners-up - Denise Samuel (s), Chrissie Peers

Cup B Flight
Winners - Anne Muir (s), Patricia Murray
Runners-up - Margaret Scott (s), Betty Willetts

Winners - Pam Salvador (s), Jean Poland
Runners-up - Reen Stratford (s), Elaine McClintock

Consolation Flight
Winners - Marilyn Constantine (s), Judy Johnston
Runners-up - Eileen Anderson (s), Marlene Foster

***** 2012 Results *****

Cup Championship
1st - C.Peers, D.Samuel
2nd - K.Roberts, A.Easton
3rd Equal - E.McClintock, L.Parlane
3rd Equal - C.Tasker, G.Baildon Cup

A Flight
1st R.Lynch, C.Fredrick
2nd M.Foster, E.Anderson

Cup B Flight
1st M.Nepia, G.Melrose
2nd H.Ross, J.Gledhill

1st C.Sexton, M.Gulbrandsen
2nd E.Shand, G.Dick

Consolation Flight
1st R. Hammond, M.Simpson
2nd J.Poland, P.Salvador

***** 2011 Results *****

Cup Championship
Winners - Dale Lang, Genevieve Baildon
Runners Up - Reen Stratford, Rima StricKand
Third Equal - Sheryl Johnson, Leigh Culter
Third Equal - Fay Yates, Jenny Jones

Cup A Flight
Winners - Gayle Melrose, Mere Nepia
Runners Up - Pam Salvador, Jean Poland

Cup B Flight
Winners - Noelene Culpan, Jan Jones
Runners Up - Carol Fredrick, Tracey Jenner

Winners - Mary Guldbransen, Madeline .Holland
Runners Up - Laura Bailey, Barbara Lyon

Consolation A Flight
Winners - Eileen Anderson, Marlene Foster
Runners Up - Mary-Anne Taylor, Julie Armstrong

***** 2010 Results *****

1st -N.Culpan, J.Jones
2nd - C.Taylor, V.O’Conner
3rd Equal - M.Johansen, K.Blackburn
3rd Equal - M.Guldbrandsen, C.Sexton

A Flight
1st - J.Cameron, P.Lees
2nd - G.Harvey, J.Fraser

B Flight
1st - R.Huriwai, J.Ikaui
2nd - C.Robertson, M.Barlow

C Flight
1st - G.Melrose, L.Cooley
2nd - M.Simpson, R.Hammond

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