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Results 2022/2023 Season

Available results:

Sport North Harbour Awards - 2022 Season

Harbour Sport Excellenece Awards Sporting Acknowledgement Award - Lawn Bowls

Terry Moverley

Centre Championships/Events/Awards - 2022/2023 Season

Bowls North Harbour Open 2-4-2- Pairs

Main Event: Runners-up - Mark Rumble, John Hindmarch

Plate Event: Winners - Milika Nathan, Chad Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Champion of Champions Men's Fours

Winners - Jimmy Heath, Jack Huriwai, Steve Yates, Daymon Pierson (s)

Bowls North Harbour Champion of Champion Women's Fours

Winners - Connie Mathieson, Bev Rolfe, Laurrane Croot, Milika Nathan (s)

Bowls North Harbour Champion of Champion Women's Triples

Runners-up - Hemoata Brown, Ling Qu, Trist Croot (s)

Bowls North Harbour Men's Centre Triples - Dick Bree Memorial

Winners - Mark Rumble, Nigeal Drew, David Eades (s)

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Singles

Runner-up - Milika Nathan

Bowls North Harbour Cadness Cup

Winners - Birkenhead - Hornets (Barry Reyland, David Eades, John Janssen, Gary Wallace (s))

Bowls North Harbour Women's Interclub 7s

Runners-up - Birkenhead - Stingetts

Bowls North Harbour Women's Centre Fours

Winners - Connie Mathieson, Laurrane Croot, Milika Nathan, Trish Croot (s)

Bowls North Harbour Men's Centre Fours

Winners - Evan Thomas, Peter Nathan, Mike Haggart, John Hindmarch (s)

Bowls North Harbour Pennants

Women's Premier Division
Winners - Birkenhead - Bees (Ling Qu, Jennie Chen, Milika Nathan, Connie Mathieson, Lauranne Croot, Trish Croot)

Men's Premier Division
Runner-up - Birkenhead - Stingers

Bowls North Harbour Mixed 242 Pairs

Winners - Mark Rumble, Trish Croot

Bowls North Harbour Executive Fours

Winners - Birkenhead (Warren Lush, Adam Richardson, Curtis Ennor, Doug Campbell (s))

Bowls North Harbour PPL

Division 1
Winners - Birkenhead - You Travel (Nigel Drew, Mark Rumble, David Eades, Ling Qu, Jack Huriwai, Jamie Chen)
Runners-up - Birkenhead - Ryman

Division 2
Winners - Birkenhead - Good Home

Club Championships & Awards - 2022/2023 Season


Championship Singles

Winner - Milika Nathan
Runner-up -Trish Croot

Championship Pairs

Winners - Lauranne Croot, Milika Nathan (s)
Runners-up - Jamie Chen, Collen Rice (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Hemoata Brown, Ling Qu, Trish Croot (s)
Runners-up - Lauranne Croot, Connie Mathieson, Milika Nathan (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Connie Mathieson, Bev Rolfe, Laurrane Croot, Milika Nathan (s)
Runners-up - Jamie Chen, Hemoata Brown, Ling Qu, Trish Croot (s)

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Championship Singles

Winner - Jack Huriwai
Runner-up - Daymon Pierson

Championship Pairs

Winners - Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew (s)
Runners-up - Randal Watkins, Steve Yates (s)

Championship Triples

Winners - Mark Rumble, Nigel Drew, David Eades (s)
Runners-up - Chad Nathan, Evan Thomas, Peter Nathan (s)

Championship Fours

Winners - Jimmy Heath. Jack Huriwai, Steve Yates, Daymon Pierson (s)
Runners-up - Curtis Ennor, John Jannsen, Robbie Henson, Gary Wallace (s)

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Club 1-5 year Championships - 2022/2023 Season

1-5 Year Women's Championship Singles - Not completed

Winner -
Runner-up -

1-5 Year Men's Championship Singles

Winner - Nick Cape
Runner-up - Mitch Cameron

First Year Mixed Singles

Winner - Zak Johnson
Runner-up - Craig Moverley

1-5 Year AC Championship Pairs

Winners - Warren Lush, Kieran Jones (s)
Runners-up - Bill Robertson., Sydney Walker (s)

1-5 Year AC Championship Triples

Winners - Hemoata Brown, Mitch Cameron, Nick Cape (s)
Runners-up - Dennis Englaish, Karen jones, Kieran Jones (s)

1-5 Year AC Championship Fours

Winners - H Brown, Mitch Cameron, Nick Cape, William Tonga (s)
Runners-up - Bill Robertson, Mike Pugh, Mark Hitchcock, Sydney Walker (s)

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Club Only Events - 2022/2023 Season

Darrington Lanigan Singles

Winner - Keith Burgess
Runner-up - Colin Godfrey

Handicap Singles

Winner - David Eades
Runner-up - Chad Nathan

Handicap Pairs

Winners - Warren Lush, Mark Rumble (s)
Runners-up - Robbie Henson, Gary Wallace (s)

Matthews Memorial Pairs

Winners - Dennis McSweeney. Keith Burgess (s)
Runners-up - Sydney Walker, Tommy Winton (s)

Allan Meekings Memorial

Winners - Gillian Rainbow, Jimmy Heath, Lauranne Croot (s)
Runners-up - Mark Hitchcock, Tommy Winton, Charlie Harvey (s)

Leads and Twos

not played

Dave Harper Memorial

Winner - not awarded

Most Improved Junior

Zak Johnson

Presidents Trophy

Barry Reyland

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Open Club Tournaments - 2022/2023 Season

Rod Mahon Memorial Trophy (December, midweek OACT)

Winners - Randall Watkins, Kerry Chapman, Zorron Bartulovich (s)

Carole Fredrick Women's Inviation Triples (1 Day - Saturday of Auckland Anniversary weekend)

Cup Championship:
Winners –
Second –
Third –

Spider (morning) -
Spider (afternoon) -

Hard Luck Draw -

$6,000 Men's Pairs (2 Day)

Champions Cup:
Winners: Jerry Belcher, Tony Grantham (s)
Runners-up: Bart Robertson, Steve Hoeft (s)
Third equal: Bill Fulton, Tony Garelja
Third equal: Roger Andrew, David Clark (s)

Champions Cup A Flight:
Winner: Mark Burgess, Jamie Hill (s)
Runners-up: Kevin Morris, Mike Bradshaw (s)

Champions Cup B Flight:
Winners: Logan Clark, Shane Drabble (s)
Runners-up: Kevin Dixon, Martin Dixon (s)

Winners: Adam Wishnoski, Sean Hird (s)
Runners-up: Daniel Hood, Bryce Mackie (s)

Consolation Flight:
Winners: John Gray, Steve Beel (s)
Runners-up: Brent Malcolm, Greg Taylor (s)

Last Chance Challenge:
Winners: Mike Haggart, John Hindmarch (s)
Runners-up: Liam Hill, Bendon Kelly

$6,500 Women's Pairs (2 Day)
Awarded on results of Day 1, Day 2 play abandoned (Cyclone Gabrielle)

Cup Championship:
Winners: Lauren Mills, Lisa Dickson (s)
Second: Ann Muir, Sue Wightman (s)
Third: Trish Hardy, Debbie White (s)
Fourth: Karen Vaissiere, Penny Wakelin (s)
Fifth: Mary Campbell, Gayle Melrose (s)
Sixth: Connie Mathieson, Milika Nathan (s)
Seventh: Mina Paul, Marilyn Constantine (s)
Eighth: Kelly Clark, Didge Cullen (s)

First: Lyn Calver, Keiko Kurohara (s)
Second: Judi Farkash, Claire Tawharu (s)
Third: Lauranne Croot, Jacqui Belcher (s)
Fourth: Theresa Rogers, Sheryl Wellington (s)

Seafood Tournament OACF (2 Day)

Winners: K Clarke, R Howe, M Preedy, C Barnett (Helensville)
Second: C Taylor, M Mathieson, N Scott-Morrison, J Calcott (Takapuna)
Third: D Pierson, M Higginson, J Heath, I Hardy (Composite)
Fourth: J Hindmarch, S Cox, T Croot, M Rumble (Composite)

Easter Triples Tournament OACT (2 Day)

Winners: B Robertson, D Eades, I Hardy
Second: S Poppleton, T Horn, D Motu
Third: Z Bartulovich, N Hatirini, M Posa
Fourth: D Clark, L Clark, A Sawers

Consolation Saturday Morning: M Nathan, G Wallace, A Richardson
Consolation Saturday Afternoon: P Wakelin, D Main, G Bremner

Easter Draw: B Malcolm, B Telfer, K Rainsford

May Extened Triples Tournament OACT (2 Day)

Winners: Sean Hird, Brian Wilson, Brent Malcolm (s)
Second: Mark Rumble, Trish Croot, John Hindmarch (s)
Third: Phil Chisholm, David Eades, Lionel Drew (s)
Fourth: Jimmy Heath, Jack Huriwai, Daymon Pierson (s)

Consolation AM: Alan McQuoid, Willie McIvor, Gary Wallace (s)
Consolation PM: Geri Bremner, Diane Main, Penny Wakelin (s)

Hard Luck Draw: Barry Green, Grant Keats, Ted Walker (s)

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